Sports, health and wellbeing — How Pitchbooking helps councils drive progress

It’s clear how community feeds sport: games are social. Even the most individual sports bring people together to train, compete and support. A thriving community enables a rich variety of clubs, leagues and events.

Simply put, playing sport makes people happier, healthier, safer and closer. There is a great deal of research to support these positive effects. Let’s take a series of snapshots:

  • An active community is happier. Sport has been shown to raise self-esteem and reduce anxiety. In young people, self-esteem translates into positive education — underachieving children who play regularly see a huge improvement in outcomes.
  • An active community is healthier. Exercise reduces the risk of over 20 chronic illnesses. Given sedentary work patterns, only around a third of us in the UK qualify as active. Providing pathways to an active lifestyle is one the most important challenges councils face today.
  • An active community is safer. Youth reoffending is a pressing issue in many local communities. The success of the Kickz programme shows the power of community-driven to break young people free from criminality.
  • An active community is closer. Sport creates productive networks that bind communities. Studies have shown that sports clubs can become hubs for a wide range of positive social interactions. They are places people come not just to play but to share skills and build community identity.

Unlocking the value of sport — The Pitchbooking solution

The value of sport in relation to community is huge, but it’s not a given; it must first be unlocked. This is where councils come in. At Pitchbooking, we’ve put years of thought and experience into a model that helps councils release the full potential of their facilities.

To be active, people need spaces to play and easy access. That’s what local councils and volunteers work to provide, and it’s where Pitchbooking can offer cost-effective solutions.

Resources are thin on the ground. Often, the limited money and staff-power councils have available is consumed by admin around booking, timetabling and payment. On the club side, volunteers can find their role swamped by these same processes. Occasional players have to trawl the web, make phone calls and fill out forms before they can show up and play.

Pitchbooking brings local venues together onto a single, user-friendly platform. Timetables are clear. Booking and paying are fully automated. Councils can control availability for each venue quickly and flexibly; clubs and players have a clear picture of when and where they can play.

Our service gives councils more freedom to work creatively — to develop facilities and run community projects. It also provides them with a wide array data, helping them target initiatives.

Volunteers are a vital bridge between club sports and the local community. Pitchbooking provides a solid, sustainable solution to the admin around facilities; without the danger of admin fatigue, volunteers can focus on the more rewarding areas of club life, boosting value to the local area.

When it comes to building positive social relations and promoting a healthier future for young people, playing matters. Pitchbooking is a tool that helps councils and clubs open the value of sports to local communities.

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